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Dickson Maiden offers a leading financial services platform and experience to help pursue your financial goals. No matter your life story, my  tailored approach to planning for retirement will meet you where you are and address your specific goals. And for entrepreneurial-minded individuals looking to grow wealth on their terms. I help make the dream of financial independence possible for all those in Alberta, Ontario & Northwest Territories. 

Insurance Protections

Insurance Protection An important part of planning for your financial future is protecting it. Whether you live too long, die too soon or become disabled, these products help to protect the life and savings you’ve built

• Universal Life Insurance

• Term Life Insurance

• Whole Life Insurance

• Critical Illness Insurance

• Disability Insurance


Retirement Planning

 A key to any financial strategy is preparing for retirement.

• Retirement Strategies

                     − Registered Retirement Savings Plans

                     − Tax-Free Savings Account

• Securities

                      − Mutual funds

                      − Registered Disability Savings Plan

• Insurance

                        − Segregated Funds

                        − Guaranteed Interest Account


Estate Transfer

Without proper estate planning, you can destroy the wealth you’ve built through years of savings. Dickson Maiden can help you find solutions to help your family both now and after your death.

• Life Insurance

• Annuities


Protecting Children

Whether you’re preparing to send your first or fifth child to college or university, building wealthy starts with your children.

• Registered Education Savings Plans

• Tax-Free Savings

• Life Insurance Products

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